Fake News

Hi everyone,

Today will be my last post for the week, so I wanted to make it count.

FAKE NEWS. Everyone uses this phrase so loosely it’s almost a joke now, even more than before. So how is it relevant in empowerment for people and parents.. While FAKE NEWS introduces segments on TMZ AND supported broadcasting, it keeps us aware of our beliefs. It reminds us to be strong, it reminds us to protect our children, protect our environment, protect animals, and to protect humanity.

My purpose today with this post is not to go political, or to opinionate on topics that are controversial, my purpose solely, is to remember, FAKE NEWS is not always fake, and it’s not always real, to remind you all to not get caught up in the crap, and stick to #truth always. Stick to #facts always. If you don’t know what to think, #research. Don’t misjudge, as that won’t help you make wise decisions as a parent or person. Use your brain bit someone else’s stories.

FAKE NEWS reminds us to:

🖊 Advocate for what is right.

🍼 Advocate for children.

😊 Advocate for the #BetterLivesForEveryone

💄 🎩 Advocate for the men and women who are suffering. No one gender suffers more than the other. No gender goes unscathed. No person goes unscathed.

📚 Don’t Judge a book by its cover

😇 😈 Don’t misjudge, and believe people who seem believable, do your research and pray before making assumptions and conclusions

Just as meteorologists fail to get our daily weather correct, the media fails to make humanity HUMAN. There are some wonderful stories shared from time to time in the media and news, but most stories we hear, read, or watch, are negative. So in a world where negativity is glorified and people’s pain is ignored or sent to the bottom of priority list, how can we possibly recover? How can we help our loved ones especially our impressionable children tell the difference between real and not? I’ll tell you how in three simple ways:

  1. Pray
  2. Live
  3. Don’t assume

Don’t subject yourselves and your family to FAKE NEWS. It can make the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent. It can seem it knows the way and the words, but it doesn’t. Always go with your gut and your faith, with everything.

I wish for you all this weekend to see and believe truth #always. Have a great weekend and join me next week as we discuss children from pregnancy and beyond ! Real stuff only not fake news!

This post is dedicated to those human beings who care to be real and decent in a world where hate is sometimes made to seem great and it’s not always cool to be kind. Thanks for reminding us hate is never good and kindness is always cool!

Much love,


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