Mistakes Adults Make

Hi everyone,

I had various ideas for topics today, but I decided on this one; mistakes US adults make. YES I definitely include myself in the mistake party of infinite individuals, because no one perfect. While most of us are just fine admitting we aren’t perfect, some can’t; well they’re the most imperfect all. To grow you have to learn and to learn you have to fail or you have to have gone through some sort of hurt. That saddens me that it’s true, but it’s true. So what happens when people have unclear emotional drive? MISTAKE.. or MISTAKES …

For me, growth from my mistakes came a lot when I was in my 20s, but the most influential change surfaces when I became a MUM. My son taught me many things, but the most significant was to not mistake pure love for fake love. Children see things so clearly/ beautifully, and as adults, we should look to them and the youth of the generations for outlooks on life. We as adults should be ok with not always having the answers.

My personal list of mistakes adults make:

  1. Mistake pure love for fake love
  2. Not love enough
  3. Not forgive- really forgive
  4. Not laugh enough
  5. Not talk about random things enough
  6. Not enjoy life enough
  7. Take for granted those who do care
  8. Take for granted what we have that others don’t
  9. Forgetting to believe in ourselves
  10. Not pushing ourselves to be better versions of ourselves
  11. Over thinking
  12. Being over bearing
  13. Caring about what people who don’t care think
  14. Not putting our families first
  15. Being selfish
  16. Not giving empathy and or sympathy
  17. Having self pity
  18. Comparing our lives to others
  19. Judging .. others and everything else
  20. Forgetting to use old memories as examples to make even better ones
  21. Not taking care of our finances
  22. Feeling inferior to others because we haven’t reached our life goals and dreams yet
  23. Spending too much time on the phone
  24. Not saying sorry
  25. Not meaning our I’m sorry

These are only a few mistakes I could think of, but I’m sure if we all put our heads together we could think of more.. Yet there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing this will help us get help or help ourselves, and that’s what we really need to do every second of everyday, even if it’s just by praying, and or sending positive vibes into our lives and the world.

🔝 {yes Lil Wayne said that.. but man isn’t it true }

For all you parents, next time your children make a mistake, think about your mistakes and see how you can help them learn from theirs, instead of humiliating them or punishing them.

For everyone who is not a parent, listen to advice but only take advice from those who want better for you. Not everyone has someone who is willing to give advice.

I wish for us all to be better adults every second of everyday, and reach for the sky..Our dreams don’t have to be billion dollar ones to matter.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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