In control

Hi y’all!

Happy Monday& Happy President’s Day! I’d like to thank all of the Presidents and leaders of everything there ever was, who have instilled justice, happiness, and positive change into the world. Today is for all of you!

With that said, as we end the long weekend, I was pondering over being “in control.” Personally, I’ve learned a lot in my life, and I’m never done learning. That as a fact, and something I’m now 100% OK with, though I wasn’t in my younger years. Being a person taught me that, being a Mum solidified that fact. So why am I bringing it up now ? Well after hearing some bad news from both my sides of the family, well it just confirms for me, that in life we all yearn to control as much as we can in our lives, but it’s better to give up that control to God. Here is one of my favorite bible verses making that true.

When we try to control things ourselves, we give up, when God controls all he doesn’t sleep a wink until the task is completed. When we want control, we become a lesser version of ourselves, when God wants control, he asks and if he has our will his will be done, and when we don’t want to let go, God holds on to us until what or who we need to say goodbye to, is gone. As people we’re not incapable, but no person can do everything ALONE, and plainly speaking our lives are consistently miserable without God. We just worry to much, think to much, and miss out on what’s right in front of us..

Loosing control gives us peace of mind, better sleeps, better thoughts, and better opportunities. Not being in control allows us to be more appreciative rather than continuously negative. Everyone feels different about everything, so why concern ourselves with expectations for our lives more than enjoying them? I want to live more of my own life, rather than waste away in anxiety of the control for life that hasn’t come about yet. Now I’m not saying to let go of protecting your family or to sit down when you should be standing up for what is right, I am simply saying when you’re troubled, when you’re in pain, when you think you know, when you know you don’t, and all moments in between, remember this catch phrase “let go and let God.” It’s not magic it’s just prayer, yet it feels miraculous either way to BE..

Tonight I wish for you all to have a restful sleep, along with remembering we are not alone. No matter what we are going through.

💋 this post is dedicated to all the AMAZING, STRONG, WOMEN, and MEN, in my family who have taught me that sometimes it’s ok to not be in control. It’s much wiser to let go and live.

☀️ this blog is also dedicated to my children. My heroes.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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