Valentine’s Day Post – ❤️Love Letters

Hi everyone,

Happy Valentine’s Day ! I can’t believe we’re already here, when it just feels like I was dressing up for Halloween! Yet, here we are!

Today I’d like to discuss love letters. My husband and I used to write each other love letters when we were dating, and it just made our bond so much stronger. In my opinion, there’s something unique and intimate about something handwritten. I’ve also learned overtime, that love letters don’t have to be exchanged only by two people “in love,” they simply need to be exchanged by two people that have love for one another. Take cards for example. You buy one, or make one, and write in it something personal for the individual you are sending it to. It can be short and sweet or long and over thought, but either way the emotion is there. That emotion is LOVE. That to me is a simple example of modern love letters.

Other love forms of love letters can include journals, where just one person is writing their devotions in a secret way. My cousin recently gave me a one minute grateful journal, where everyday you write in it, what you are thankful for. Again, I consider this a form of love letter, as everything I am grateful for is something or someone I love. Song writing, poetry, even blogging can be romantic or simply loving enough to be on the category of love letter. Any form of writing, preferably handwritten just because it’s more meaningful as it takes longer to produce, that has meaning and intention to shed happiness to others, is a love letter.

So why have people stopped writing ? Well, mostly everything is typed, cursive in most schools is not even being taught, and I feel that social media has replaced privacy to the extent that some people don’t know how to express themselves in such a vulnerable state, so they just don’t. So let’s use this wonderful holiday to write something to someone or many people we love and admire, just to let them know we care! I came across this picture on the internet, something anyone can do, and I think even something this simple can bring back romance and creativity to the pen and paper, along with igniting a part of ourselves we have forgotten or we haven’t delved into yet. Ps we can all find words to to say even on one post it note lol

If you can’t think of words to say, my advice is to feel free to rewrite (always quoting ) those great writers who have come before you. William Shakespeare perhaps ?

Me=HUGE FAN lol 😆

No matter how you spend today, I wish for you all to be grateful you are alive to live it!

Much love always& again Happy Vday,


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