Three days of Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone,

I want to make today, and these next few days, very light, as we are counting down to the holiday that’s all about heart! Valentine’s Day !

It’s always been one of my favorites, as it’s a holiday in which we can spread the love, eat chocolate and other goodies, like we can on Halloween guilt free! So let’s chat about Valentine’s Day…

Here are some facts I’ve learned overtime :

  • Valentine’s Day was first, an ancient Roman pagan holiday, which wasn’t so romantic at all.. It was a day used to beat women with animal skin to celebrate fertility.. Gross and NOT COOL… its pretty graphic, nothing hearts and cupcakes about it …

  • The we have a Christian man named saint Valentine who the holiday was actually named after. He used to marry couples in secret. He was in prisoned for it until he died

  • Saint Valentine actually died on 2/14

  • Christians made February 14, year 1300 Valentine’s Day as 2/14 is when birds are said to mate and doves symbolize love in Christian religion. Also most saints are canonized on the date they pass away.

  • Valentine’s Day, after Christmas is the biggest card exchange day

  • Teachers receive the most valentines. I’ll be hunting my fellow teachers I know for their chocolate this year lol

  • Valentine’s Day has the highest flower sales for a holiday. Even more than Mother’s Day

  • The first heart shaped box of chocolate was introduced in 1868 YUMMY

How to spend Valentine’s Day :

  • ” quality time”

No matter what you’re doing, or who you’re with, be present. Our phones and circumstances sometimes get in the way of being present, and that’s the best gift to give someone, and I couldn’t advise you all any other way, other than to put down those dang phones and focus on really being there with those you love !

Here is an awesome site that has no fuss treats and other fun finds for the day of hearts as well.

No matter what you do or how you spend it, just put your heart into it! And eat chocolate if you can !

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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