What women REALLY want

Hi everyone,

Happy Monday! Man this weekend went by fast. I don’t know about you, but I needed more !

Today I’d like to discuss what women REALLY want. I was having a convo with my bestie the other night, and we were discussing “What women want.” Now I know that Mel Gibson made a movie with that title, and if you see it, it’s similar to our convo, and to convos held all over the world by WOMEN. Why am I focusing on women? Well, I am one, and I hope to help out those who need more than a hint, it just to spouses but to everyone, especially since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner..

First and foremost women want HONESTY. In prior blog posts, I have discussed how honesty is crucial to life. Well, women WANT IT! As a woman, I can tell you I’ve learned that women are more detailed then men when it comes to various things, and the details men and others miss in their stories, conversations, and daily routines, often leave us women feeling that others aren’t not being 💯 % honest.

Women want REASSURANCE. Take me for example. I’ve been with my husband for almost a decade, and I can admit, I still want him to tell me he appreciates me, still make date night plans, and reassure me I’m his one and only. From my parents, though I’m old, I still want to know they love me, want to make time for me, and actually hear how great I am as a daughter and woman not just as a MUM. From my friends and family, I want to be reassured I’m needed and loved. From my job, I want to know I’m doing the best I can, and appreciated for the hard work I put in. Women, we just need that. Not every second or even every day, but we desire genuine and heartfelt reassurances every so often especially from Those we love!

Women need financial stability. Yes we can be emotional, but we can also be fierce. Thanks to the women who have come before us and those today still fighting for our rights, we are able to work hard and slam dunk any work obstacle put in our path, at home or at the work place, while holding the world on our shoulders in perfect balance.

Another thing women need is love and infinite respect. We’re not objects; as I said earlier, we’re EQUALS, but there are times like when we’re pregnant or going through women things that we could use the empathy while still keeping love and respect alive.

Lastly, women need other women. As a woman, I’ve learned there are some things we all just understand organically, and this is why I always encourage women to stick together and stop putting down each other and other women. Instead, encourage one another and when a woman goes down the wrong path pray for her, don’t talk crap about her.. You don’t get to the top putting other people down.

So whether it’s your MUM, WIFE, GIRLFRIEND, FRIEND, ect., yes most of us love chocolate and appreciate it on Valentine’s Day but we much rather have -honesty, love, respect, financial stability, good conversations, and reassurance on a daily basis along with no woman to woman as the water boy would call it


Women aren’t complicated, the media is.

So today, don’t assume you know what someone needs or likes, ask them.

Today I wish for you all to be reassured of how wonderful you are !!! 💋

Much love,


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