The Family- YOU

Yes you!

Hi everyone and welcome to Friday! We made it !!!!! Well at least I feel that way haha.

Today I want to keep it short and simple. The most iconic person in your family is YOU. You can allow change, compromise, love, honesty, fidelity, loyalty, and most of all you can welcome with open arms what is better for your family, and kick out what’s bad !

Every person has a grand impact on the family as a whole, and YOU are apart of that as well. Sometimes in life, as we get older, we can become lost and find it hard to belong. I know personally, after I had my son, besides being a Mum, I wasn’t sure who else I was, because everyone around including myself put my little one first. I wouldn’t have had that any other way, I just didn’t know what to do with myself from then on.. then it hit me like a brick. I didn’t need to DO anything different, or add anything to create purpose, because just being me, I already had a one.

So today remember your value, and know that you have the chance to make it worthwhile in your own family.

I wish for you all to have a grand weekend, and to continue proving the world wrong about you in every goood way possible!

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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