The Family-Fur babies

Hi everyone,

I’d like to make tonight all about the Fur Babies! As a mother, I’d like to say my first glance of true motherhood ever was when I was in elementary school. My dad brought home baby chicks and a rooster. I named the chicks Sweetie and Sweetheart, and the Rooster Mischief, as he was a mischievous one. My mom always tells this story about how mad I was that year on Mother’s Day, as I wanted acknowledgement for being a mother too. I mean realistically I fed the chicks, mothered them, and taught them tricks, so it made sense then.

Now as an adult, I still consider myself an animal lover, being most partial to dogs. Out of all the animals I have trained, loved, and met, I just love dogs ! My 3 year old golden retriever, for example, is my first child. Even my parents and in laws call her their Dog grandchild. So why are people so obsessed with their “pets?” Why are “pets” treated like people? Well let me fill you in on Fur Babies and their role in the family.

Animals are easier to read then people. They either like you or they don’t. They won’t be fake. They either kiss you or bite you. They won’t win your affection then break your heart on purpose. They are reliable, and not untrustworthy, and when given the love they deserve they are loyal until their last breath. So of course, they are family, and such an important part of it. They add character, humor, humility, and love, to a family who needs it, wants it, and or doesn’t have it yet. They understand our emotions better than we do and are there for us, when we are forgotten.

Now let me also add, they are expensive, they need just as much love, shelter, food, drink, and safety, as a newborn, but they are so worth it! Also, let me tell you that not all fur babies are dogs or cats, some are reptiles, some are polar bears, and some are peacocks. Crazy as that sounds, there are some families who have raised lions from cubs.

Now being partial to my favorite species DOGS, my dog-daughter, is amazing. She was my dream since I saw the Air Bud movie in the 90s, and to have her was so meaningful. When we brought her home, a few months later I was pregnant and she knew before I did. When I lost my daughter, she again knew before I did. When I cried tears of pain and agony, she was there. When no one else saw me at my worst, she did. She’d offered a paw, share my yogurt with me, and sometimes even nudge me just to get out of bed. When I was pregnant with my son, she knew, and she walked with me through every sad and happy tear, every laugh, and every snore of exhaustion. Today, like she did for me, she walks beside my son, looks out for him, humors him, plays with him, and loves him dearly. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that in their family ?

So tonight, I dedicate this blog to all the animals out there who behave better than us humans. We love you.

I wish for you all to have the same love that my girl has given me..

A special blog shout out to my girl G.S. Pray

May you live to be older than expected but feeling healthier than ever 💜 love you baby girl! Also to the best animals I’ve ever met :

Behn the lab

Brownie my dads old dog

Cuddles the Eskimo poodle

Finchy the bird

Ringo the Pom

Simba the cat

Sebastián the lab

Sunny the Turtle

The deers that let me photograph them

The rooster family

And all the amazing animals I have met in my lifetime

Much love,

Belle ❤️ 🐾

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