The Family – Extended

Hi everyone,

I apologize for no post yesterday! I was tending to a rabid cold that has attacked our household. It wasn’t pretty but it’s getting there!

No on to the post! Extended family… who do we consider them to be? Usually we’re told, it’s not the family you’re born into or the family you create.. so who is it ? By definition here’s what we have Aunts, uncles cousins, godparents. That’s what we’re told. Well what if I told you to think of it another way, what would you say? For me, I see my extended family as everyone outside of the family I create, and not always blood related. Why ? Well I choose to believe that the family you created is the most important family you have, even more so than the one you were born into, as you yourself chose this path. Especially if you have children and or fur babies they take the cake. Sometimes literally to. 😆

If you’re married or in a committed relationship, your extended family becomes even more extended. Your significant other’s family and friends are now added. I wouldn’t have enough blog storage to list all the extended family members one can have, so forgive me if I leave any out of the post. No matter if you look at it the old way, or my way, or in your own innovative way, extended family plays such a crucial role in how we build our own families.

For example when you’re a child your parents raised you. If you choose to have children or just you, what your parents taught you is still instilled in you. You, however, as an adult can choose what you want to keep and what you don’t from your upbringing.. Those same parents you had, become grandparents if you have children, and a new relationship and connection is born.

Your parent’s siblings helped raise you as well, even if you don’t know it, because everyone’s up bringing affects someone else’s. The point is to make sure the affect is good, and if it’s not to leave it behind, and or change it immediately. Cousins are also individuals in the extended family that can have an affect on you. If you’re like me, most of yours were older so you tried to fit in with them. Sometimes it didn’t work out. Sometimes it did. Whether you tried to fit in with them, or not, it affected you. If you didn’t have many, didn’t know them, or didn’t care to, you either branched out to make friends and make those connections, or piled high other things and other connections. You see where I’m going with this ? Your extended family helped you mold, whether you like it or not. Their choices don’t have to be yours, but you make the choices you do because of how what you know and what you see and or saw and lived.

Remember, extended family can be considered like I said earlier, someone else’s family or just another human who is there to support you, not stop you from evolving into a better human! Even if it’s not a significant other’s, it could be your friend’s family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, combo of many people, etcetera. Extended family are whoever you need them to be and want them to be, and sometimes they’re just by default and that’s ok. Either way, it’s simply amazing how we all play a part in having others help us be better and helping others be better All at the same time !

Today make a mental note of all those there for you, as the before you were you and now that you are you. Be grateful for them.

I wish for you all today to learn what family means to you and live it everyday. If you’re not there yet, trust me you will be !

A special shout out to my extended family :

My moms sister ( my Godmom)

My dads cousin ( Big guy)

My younger cousins

My Nana, my grandma’s bestie RIP

My mom’s best friend

And my crazy but good hearted neighbors

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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