The Family My Sibling(s)

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful end to your week last week, and a great start to this one! I deeply apologize for being out of commission. I had some issues posting via my technologies, but now everything seems to be working !

A special shout out to my South African viewers over the weekend, who have honored me with their views! I am so blessed to have reached you. I can’t tell you all how wonderful I feel knowing I have now gone global and people from other countries are finding little old ME! It’s AMAZING and HUMBLING.. To all my followers and viewers new and old, thank you all, you inspire me!Now to the blog!

I’d like to continue our discussions this week, from last week, making them still about the FAMILY. Tonight, let’s talk about Siblings. I don’t know what I’d do without mine! I have two older brothers and a younger sister.. my younger sister is also my BFF, who I don’t know what I’d do without.. siblings are important. They teach us how to be selfless, how to share, what’s worth arguing about, and how to compromise. Siblings all teach us something, and if you’re lucky like me, you’ll all love each other no matter what the lesson.

Siblings are the friends you didn’t think you’d have, they’re the therapists that won’t tell you you’re crazy, the Alpha Omegas of being there for you, and they help keep the family strong. Who else better than your Sibling can tell you about you and not offend you? Who else better than your sibling will cry with and for you? Who else better than your sibling will want the best for you and your newly created family?

Good siblings don’t get jealous, they always help, and they don’t want anything in return but love, respect, and quality time. As people it’s important to appreciate our siblings and be just as great back. As parents it’s important to guide our children to get along with their siblings and respect one another. It just as young children but always ! If we have ONLY CHILD children, then we teach them that our friends, true ones, over the years will become our brothers and sisters…

Tonight reach out to your siblings blood and not blood related and tell them why they matter to you.

I wish for you all to be fortunate enough to know the love that is sisterhood and brotherhood.

I dedicate this blog to my Sister. You know who you are. Thanks for the laughs, the shoulder to cry on, and the chocolate, pizza, and or ice cream to stop crying. Our sisterhood is everything 💞

Much love,


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