The family – My Kid(s)

Good evening everyone,

Tonight I want to talk about the importance of children in a family. Children whether your own, someone else’s, or ones you know, have such an impact on your family. Children are the now and the later, the today and the tomorrow so treat them right and let them know always that someone loves them!

My first experience with a baby was when I was 13 years old. My cousin who I’ll call Tbog was born. He was healthy, happy, and to this day, a man now, still happy, healthy, and a good human being. He changed my life. His dad was my mom’s first cousin, so we were all really close. I saw Tbog as a baby, and every other weekend until he became an older teen. He taught me what it was to really love, how to be carefree, how to have pure fun, and most of all what it was to be unconditionally loved. I always told Tbog that if I had a boy someday I hope he’d be like him. Now I have a son of my own and he’s amazing!

I have worked with kids in my personal life since I was two and my professional life since I was twelve. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Babies need unconditional love

Toddlers need unconditional love

Children need unconditional love

Teens need unconditional love

Young people need unconditional love

Adults are still someone’s child and need unconditional love to

All children of all ages, sizes, genders, circumstances, and personality, need LOVE and PROTECTION. With those two things come nothing but happiness.

I’ve also learned :

Babies poop a lot

Toddlers rub a lot

Children ask a lot

Teens pretend they don’t care a lot

Young people feel ignored

Adults are ignored

Why is that ? Well babies need to clean their systems and are constantly eating, toddlers have a lot of energy, children like to explore especially once they’ve gone to school, teens don’t want to be judged, young people are almost adults so they’re often forgotten, and adults are ignored because the world tells us to forget them and each other.

Why is all this important ? Well, without children we wouldn’t have families and they wouldn’t be meaningful. Children bring light, joy, and insight to our selfish lives.. even if you don’t have children of your own, you were once a child and you did that for your parents, and or those around you and the world ! No parents are perfect, but every child is in their own way. Labels aside, children are children and when we love them and protect them we can make a better family for ourselves and and with better families come better chances for a better world. Appreciate your children and all children. Each one teaches us the true meaning of love and life.

Tonight if you haven’t already tell your child or children you love them and why, and just hug them. If you don’t have a child, hug your spouse of your significant other, family member, friend, or even yourself.. why? Because you just like those children were once making the world a better place by just living.

I wish for you all to pray for the children of the world, and love yours ten times more than you do right now!!!

I dedicate this post to my son, you are my breath I breathe the wind beneath my wings. Mummy loves you ♥️♥️♥️

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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