Last day of the Week of Worry

Hi everyone,

Today’s last week of Worry ,WORRY is, about the difference between WORRY and CONCERN. It’s ok to delve into concern, but it’s useless to constantly worry. When you are concerned, you have details, insights, gut feelings; when you are worried you just have anxiety about the unknown. So what’s better?

As much as I wish we could all just be happy and wear rose colored glasses forever, the truth is that neither are helpful in feeling fantastic, but I always go with my gut. Short and simple. So it’s concern over worry.

Instead of a worry free food, how about worry free activity?

The question game. As yourselves today how can I improve my ways, how can I lessen my judgements, and how can I leave an impact. Then with your worries or concerns ask yourself, is this worry going to cause hardships if left un-dealt with ? Is this a worry or a true concern? How can I help it? How can I change it?

Today and this weekend I wish for you all to find time to not worry and to always address true concerns !

Much love,


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