Day 3&4 of the week of Worry

Good evening everyone,

I know you were all waiting for me to send out something yesterday, and I’m sorry I didn’t. I thought that tonight I could give food for thought about a WORRY I feel is worth two days!

Don’t worry about being the BEST. Yep I said it. Don’t worry about being the BEST. I used to live my whole life trying to make sure people knew they were loved, special, and that I was there for them, that I became a broken record, and lost myself at times I should’ve kept just for myself. Instead of worrying about being perfect, know and live knowing that you are. It’s so much easier, and you’ll feel so much lighter putting energy into not feeling the need to be, wanted, and important by those you are important to. RATHER then dwelling on the need to always feel the need to be present, be be grateful you can be present. Being a grown up and a parent has taught me that.

Children know who loves them, needs them, and they in return, know who they love and who they need. It’s simple. So why do we as adults complicate that.. we do it because the world and the media makes us feel like bad people, and that we’re not enough and we’re not doing enough, when quite frankly we are. We can’t always be there and know what to say or do, and that’s ok. It’s more than enough when we just try. Instead of worrying about being the BEST just be you, and encourage yourself that IT IS ENOUGH. Only if YOU feel more can be done, then only YOU should make that decision.

Tonight I wish for your dreams to remind you you’re enough, so you can wake up feeling fabulous.

Today’s worry free food:

The chicken salad sandwich

Cook ( or cheat and use already cooked rotisserie chicken pieces ) chicken pieces. Mix that with mayonnaise or Greek plain yogurt, chopped celery, onion power, garlic powder, and adobo seasoning. ( my recipe spices or whatever you like for taste) Add on your favorite bread or crackers and eat. Warm or cold is good!

Why this meal? Because it has one base and you can add to it as needed and as wanted 😉😉😉 just like you and your life. One base is you and the add ons are ones they you’re blessed with or choose.

Much love,


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