Dr.Martin Luther King day & the week about Worry

Good morning everyone,

Happy Dr.Martin Luther King day! As an American today is an important day, as we celebrate civil rights and the ending of segregation. Unfortunately, there will always be prejudice in the world, and hate, but we as people and parents can let love and truth ring first in our actions. We as people and parents can teach our youth the importance of working together and what is right and what is wrong. We as people and parents can keep dreaming for a better world and help the cause for peace, just by changing ourselves even in the smallest bits.

This week I want to thank all those fighting for our human and spiritual rights, starting with Dr. King, which is why today is the first day of Worry for my blog week. I come from a long line of worriers in my family. I was always surrounded by it, and it wasn’t until I was married, that I worried less. It wasn’t because of any physical change, it was a change in my heart and mind, as I was becoming older wiser. I have been an advocate for children, adults, and animal causes for over 15 years. I have participated in events, and just loved a lot, that each event and personal life experience has taught me to worry less about what doesn’t matter.

Tomorrow. Why does everyone worry about it? Worrying about it doesn’t make anything productive, yet dreaming and planning for it does. A religious acquaintance in college once told me that worry in their religion was a sin. A SIN! that to me is huge ! Reflecting on today and how one man had a following which together changed our world for the better, reminds us that worry leads to fear and it’s ok to be afraid but it’s not ok to let fear and worry consume you. If we did, we’d suck as parents and people and never leave the house.

So today pray for all those who are fighting the good fight, especially yourself, and don’t worry about tomorrow just live for today!

I wish for you all a day that is lived in the moment.

Today’s fun food: mashed carrots

Clean and Steam any carrots in a little water ( carrots have their own water ) until they’re soft . When they are soft, mash them like mashed potatoes add in seasonings even sour cream for taste and eat as a side or by itself. Today’s food reminds us anything hard can soften and have heart if given time.


Much love,

Belle ❤️

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