Belle’s five days of Trust day 5

Hi everyone,

To conclude our week of Trust, I want to end it on an even better note. Today’s Trust focus is trusting humility. At some point or another whether intentional or not, we as humans can be boastful. We want credit for everything, and even take it for the accolades of others, sometimes including our children. Being humble reminds us of who we are, how to change, and most importantly where we belong. In my religion, Jesus was a humble man. He was raised to defend the world from evil and die for our sins… yet he never took the credit. He never wrote anything about himself, and he didn’t ask people to worship him, he told people to seek him if they needed his help.

This is what we strive for, as parents, people, and beings. We need to celebrate our achievements and those of others, but just the ones of those we love. We need to empower ( one of my favorite words) others, not take their shine away. We need to build people up not dumb them down. We need to LISTEN not always speak. In trusting humility, we gain new respect for life and everything in it, along with a new found power that is our every day strength. In trusting humility we learn how to forgive completely and remind ourselves that we too can be great like Jesus. We’ll never be as perfect, but we can come pretty darn close in our own circumstances.

In my life, both personal and work wise, I’ve seen a lot.. Good and not always good. I have learned to be open minded, I have learned no two people are alike, and I have learned that happiness can be given and created. People often ask me how have I maintained, under so many of life’s not so good handouts, and I simply respond, for my ” Son.” Being a good parent makes you humble as you completely let go of you to take care of someone else. My son is my example of humility, always happy, loving, caring, empathetic, compassionate, problem solver, talented without try, and comedian all in one.. He reminds me that thanking God and those in my life, especially him, is WAY better then bragging about how my family and I have made it this far, how I’ve survived my circumstances. Be meek and be humble.

So today, trust in humility and become humble again and again and a million times again…

Today I wish for you all to be humble, and remember what and who makes you a better human.

🌟 this post and blog is dedicated to my children. They are the love of all life; A special I miss you more today, to my Grandmother. She would’ve loved them just as much. Happy birthday in heaven ♥️

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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