Belle’s five days of Trust Day 3

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoy my new layout. I’m still learning this Blog thing, and I wanted to upgrade my site. I take my blogging very seriously, and hope someday it can reach as many people as need be! Until then, my dear friends, I appreciate you ALL as my first followers and true believers in my cause, which is people empowerment! Now on to the topic.

As I continue my topic of trust this week, I’d like to discuss, trusting others. Trusting people can be tricky as people aren’t always predictable and people as they live more change. This is true for just about everyone. As people we need to trust just about every person and company with our livelihood. As people of faith we need to trust in the leaders to teach us the right way. As parents we need to trust our significant others, our friends, and our families. I can tell you from my personal experience trusting others is so hard.

As your own being you know why you are trusting another, you know what you believe is true trust, and even if you’re great at it, that doesn’t mean other people have the same ideas as you, the same intentions as you, and sometimes people are even more afraid than we are to trust, so they can become loaners or sometimes even untrustworthy to protect themselves.

So all this being said, how we can we trust others and let ourselves become vulnerable ? How we can trust those who hurt us? How can we trust when we aren’t sure how or ? The answers are simple, we go back to day 2 and trust God. You ever heard the phrase ‘let go and let God?’ Well it applies here for sure. If you can’t trust your own instincts about trusting others then ask God to guide you in your situations and he will. Trusting people doesn’t always lead to negative things. It can lead to growth, opportunities, love, friendship, and miracles… I am watching my personal miracle, my son, grow right before my eyes.

So learn your value, learn your individual rules of trust and take your time trusting people. Be confident in what you believe in and let people know the boundaries you have in every relationship or partnership…

I wish for you all today to trust those you love even more than you did before reading this. If you haven’t trusted anyone in a long time, just pray that an opportunity will present itself soon, and work on being trust worthy yourself.

Much love,


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