Belle’s five days of Trust day2

Hi everyone,

Today is about Trusting God. Yesterday we looked at trusting ourselves, and I hope you were inspired to trust and believe in yourself and your gut feelings! Now, I’ve learned from personal experience that trusting God isn’t less important because you trust yourself first, it’s actually the opposite.

God gave us all free will so that we can be our own individuals, and when we feel lost, or feel like we don’t have him around, that’s when he’s present the most and that’s when we learn to trust him. Trusting God is tricky, as decisions he makes for us and love he shows us comes in various forms, and sometimes it takes years to see what we want to see right here right now. Yet, there is something beautiful about trusting God. It makes us whole, it helps us practice patience, and most of all, it opens our hearts up to trust, especially in moments we feel all is lost.

In trusting God completely we can trust ourselves indefinitely and never be disappointed. Now I myself have not learned that yet, as life and people can still disappoint me, but I’m still alive so that means I still have time to learn that more and more each day, and so do you. My dear friends trusting God, trust in general is not easy, but when you can you will, and when you will you will find your way.

Today I wish for you all to trust God more than you did yesterday. He will make the unclear clarity..

Much love,

Belle ❤️