Overcoming fears

Good evening everyone,

Tonight I am closing out my blog week early, but before I go, I wanted to talk about overcoming fears. We all have them, whether we are in denial or not, but each fear shapes us to become better people. As children our fears could be the monster under our bed, and as adults the fears could be the monsters that people become or the monsters that are inside us .

Some fears aren’t tangible. Some are so translucent that only our minds can feel them. Some are aided by others, and some are simply moments where we lost our courage to do what was right or meant to be… A fear of mine was always hospitals. Yesterday one of my closest friends gave birth to her son in one. I made every effort to see her, though that is a personal fear of mine… I haven’t been to one in almost a year and a half… Ironic right? This is what overcoming fears is all about; finding your fear and facing it for a greater purpose. Sometimes facing fears plainly means to walk away… and not face what was scaring you. Once you let go and breathe again, life seems lighter. You become fresh and new.

No matter who you are or what you believe in, at some point fear has come upon you, but it is your personal duty to go against it. This is also the time when you realize you need to pray, be brave, and learn. Just as we learn from our mistakes , we can learn from our fears.

So today, my wish for you all is to overcome your fears and move forward in your lives. No matter how big or small, every fear can be overcome with faith and by simply believing in yourself.

See you next week and have a safe weekend. Please join me on Monday, as I begin week to week topics and more in-depth posts !

Much love,

Belle ❤️