The art of resolutions

Hi everyone,

Today I’d like to discuss New Year’s resolutions. I wanted to post this yesterday , but I wanted to make sure my opinions were clear, and that I gave this post some personal thought. My thought process can take time, so I appreciate you all being so patient with me.

As people, it’s hard enough to come up with resolutions, not just for the new year but in general. So is it possible to come up with ones as parents, for our kids? Is it ok to come up with family resolutions or even just ones with our best friends? How do our resolutions change us as we become older, and once we have a family? Well I say absolutely to creating multiple resolutions, and with growth comes different ways of thinking.

Each new year gives us all opportunities for changes big and small, and with a lot of effort from us, that all can be possible. For example, the resolution for my family is to spend more time doing things with them. Last year we shared our time a bit too much with others especially family members who just dimmed the mood, and it wasn’t always worth it, so this year, more “US” less everyone else.

The resolution for my kids is to encourage them when life is hard. Believe it or not, children get affected the most by the temperaments, emotions, and words of people. So I want to encourage my children more than I already have, to get through the small and big stuff all in one piece.

My personal resolution is to find a solution for every problem I face this year. A difficult one yes? I know, but I wanted to make this years resolution one that helps me grow as a person. I thought this could be a great start. My other resolutions are to be a better mother, wife, friend, and keep my physical, emotional, and spiritual being healthy and happy as I can be.

Not all resolutions are easy, and not all solutions fix the problems we have, sometimes they lead us to a different space, and that is ok. The point is to grow and influence our children in the best possible ways each second we can.Today I wish for us all to stick to our resolutions. Make them meaningful and make them last not just for this year but for as long as you can.

Much love,

Belle ❤️