Día de los reyes. Happy three kings

Good evening everyone,

I’ve had quite the adventure this weekend, so I apologize for not posting Friday.

Tonight I want to talk about día de los reyes, or three kings day. I’ve mentioned the three wise men during my countdown to Christmas, but today was and still is for the next few hours, their national day. In the Hispanic culture, January 6 marks the epiphany celebration. The epiphany is the day when the three kings went to see baby Jesus.

For Hispanics, today is a second Christmas; for others it’s the last official day we can have Christmas and it not be weird, bust most importantly it’s a day of perseverance… isn’t that what January and New Year’s resolutions are all about? I think it’s also what being a parent, person, and most importantly, it is what being a child of God is all about. That makes today the best day to end the Christmas season, for it reminds us that all goals can be achieved, and all journeys have a purpose.

We know the three kings planned a journey, planned what gifts they wanted to bring the baby Jesus, but after that we do not know what happened to them . That’s exactly how life is today. We can plan, we can prepare, we can take steps, yet will still will be led each and every day, on a journey that is more meaningful than we could imagine.

So tonight remember what you are grateful for, and know your journey is purposeful.

{ as parents we are always grateful for our children and they along with God are our purpose}

Happy Sunday ! And let the week begin!

Much love,

Belle ❤️