In the silence

Hi y’all,

How often do any of you have silence ? When I worked in the corporate world, I’d often drive to and from work just to have some. Now, living in a home that is constantly noisy, even when the kids are asleep, I still manage to make a few moments a week that are silent.

Growing up my family was super religious. I often found myself as the black sheep, as I questioned lessons taught to me, and sometimes even God. That back then wasn’t acceptable. Thankfully, as a teen, God showed me that in silence I could find peace, or answers I was looking for. Now as an adult and a mother, even though my son is too young to understand God, I am teaching him about the Lord through silence. We have moments that I call relaxing time, where we play but aren’t hyper, and no matter who is in our bubble at the tome, we remain calm and collected. My son, as young as he is, is beginning to understand this more and more.

That’s the beauty about children, they love to learn, no matter what age they are. That is also the beauty about God; he is willing to teach anyone willing to learn. This is what I want you all to do for the month of January. Take a moment a silence every so often, and really hear what God is telling you. If you hear nothing, God could simply be telling you to take a break. Not every moment needs to be thinking.

Here’s an activity to do with your children, and loved ones this month:

Make snowflake craft using everyone in the family’s hand. Trace your hands, cut them out, and then write what you want God to tell you on your hand. It can even be a New Year’s resolution, a simple prayer, or both. Then glue or tape the hands together and decorate the snowflake. While doing this activity, talk softly, use your mind to be creative and let God speak to you.

Life is beautiful, and short, so take the time to hear God every chance you get, and when you can’t even pray, ask him to help you regain your strength, and speak on your behalf.

I wish for you all today to hear God’s call and make life less about you and more about him.

Much love,