Why do people leave up Christmas lights?

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Day ! Today’s post is about Christmas lights. As a child, and as an adult I loved and still love seeing Christmas lights, but how long is too long ? For me there is no answer to that, because I love the Christmas season and feel lost without it. Holidays and regular days are times for love, joy, and reflection, but none comprare to the festivities and decor of Christmas. Even a simple candle seems brighter at Christmas.

We love Christmas Lights because:

  • They remind us of the light within
  • They give us something to admire
  • They bring back memories
  • They fill our eyes and hearts with wonder
  • There’s lights, styles, and decor for just about everyone

I recently researched what people say about the length of time that’s appropriate, for having holiday lights up, and the verdict is January 6, aka Three King’s day. So if you’re like me and celebrate that holiday, enjoy your lights for a few more days… and when you feel it’s right to De-Light, you’ll know. When you and you’re family are ready to take down Christmas, make it a celebration, a time for memories, and look forward to the next holiday or event coming up. It’ll make missing Christmas a little less hard!

Today I wish for you all to keep the Christmas light, ignited in your heart all year round.

Much love,

Belle ❤️