Saying Goodbye or Good Riddance to 2018!

Hi everyone !

I hope your holidays have been MERRY and your days have been bright ! Just like my post heading, today we are either thanking 2018 for its services and good fortune, or flipping it the bird and kicking it to the curb. This is what I love about New Years..

New Year’s Eve is a time to reminisce about the past year. It’s a time to party and be whatever you want to be, like Halloween. Then New Year’s Day is a time to reflect and revamp yourself for the better. For parents this is great, as we know that changes are apart of life, and with change comes growth.

So this New Years, where do you stand? Are you hoping for a better year? Are you hoping for a year just as good as 2018? Or are you like me, thanking 2018 for the good it’s brought but asking 2019 to bring way better circumstances ? Whatever it is you’re hoping to change or whatever change you’re hoping finds you, this holiday, make sure you thank the old year for changing you, and if wasn’t for the better, then that’s what next year is for!

Have a safe and Happy New Year 🎊 everyone ! see y’all in 2019!

Much love,

Belle ❤️