Christmas Eve Pray for peace.

Hello everyone,

Tonight I want to wish for you all to have PEACE. Being an adult, a person, a spouse, and a mother, I more than anyone know how important that is. So let’s simply pray for it.

I have realized when all seems lost, PEACE can be found. PEACE can THRIVE. This is because when all is lost, and we cannot fix the people or situations around us, we hang onto our faith. That is what Christmas is all about. Finding and keeping CHRIST alive, not just at Christmas, but for always in our hearts.

So wherever you are tonight and tomorrow, no matter who surrounds you, pray for peace, and allow yourself to yield your own ways and be peaceful.

Today we pray for Peace, and we rejoice for Christmas is like a glimpse of heaven, and a reminder that the journey is almost always filled with pain and suffering, but the destination is paradise and endless joy.

I continuously wish for you all to have a blessed, peaceful, and Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Safe New Year! See you next year.

Much love from my family to yours,

Belle ❤️🎄🌟 ✝️