Belle’s countdown to Christmas: Togetherness

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday to all! Christmas is 4 days away, and I still cannot believe it ! Today I want to discuss ” Togetherness.”

When I was younger, and learned how to spell this word because my teacher always said remember it like this, ” TO GET HER.” Till this day, if I forgot how to spell the word, the breakdown still comes to mind. Now that I am older, a wife, and mother, I have come to realize that being together is what all seasons, especially this one, should be about.

Every person is born to a unique family. No family is perfect, but some have it better off than others. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, not everyone has Merry Christmas. Some people have Christmases that are blue. Some Christmases are spent mourning loved ones, watching loved ones leave us, dealing in financial struggles, questioning our friendships, questioning our romantic relationships, while other holidays we don’t feel appreciated in the aspects of life that we should be, and other times we just wish things would stay the same. All of these not so happy situations, along with happy situations like : having a new baby, meeting a personal milestone or goal, or receiving kindness from a loved one or stranger all can change the course of our lives, especially at Christmas time.

So how does this all tie in to togetherness ? Let me tell you. People need people. There is no way around it, and God made it that way. He made man and woman and they created offspring. Generations and generations later, God sent forth his son, which was our forever Christmas present. He gave his son a mother, and gave him people to look after. Those people looked after more people , and spread the word, and still today this is happening. Sometimes we get caught up in life and the unknown that we forget the best times are together. Whether the together is with family we were born into or family and friends we acquired, the important thing to remember is to be together. Life is so short, and often times approach that are difficult, but together all is possible, and all can be overcome.

Don’t regret anything this season. Don’t hesitate to call loved ones, or do something nice for someone in need, because we all need someone for something and there’s no way life can be managed alone. God can’t physically be present at all moments, which is why he gave us each other. There is no feeling too great or too small, that can’t be helped with a hug and a prayer. And you need two people to hug.

So today and this weekend ahead, I wish for you all to plan your holidays so that you don’t miss out on being together. Remember life is short, and we don’t always get to say goodbye or be there when it ends, so let’s make the most of the moments we have with the people we love and the people that love us, while keeping alive the good memories of those who aren’t here anymore.

In dedication and in loving memory of my Grandma, daughter, and father in law. You all will never be forgotten. Thank you for showing me what it means to be together.

Much love always,