Belle’s Countdown to Christmas .. Holiday bash easy ideas for parties

Hi everyone,

Now, from yesterday’s blog, and from other posts of mine, you’ll know I love a good party, BUT it all has to be clean fun. Not just because I’m a Mum, I’ve always felt this way. So here are a few tips to make the seasons brighter and the holiday parties less stressful. Things I’ve learned!

  • Plan plan plan AHEAD.
  • Have a theme
  • Choose paper invites or text invites no way is wrong here
  • Pick a date that’s convenient for you and your family not everyone else
  • Be ok with people not coming or showing up. Life happens and some people don’t have response etiquete and won’t let you know until the last minute they’re not coming
  • Pick times that allow your kids to still keep their nighttime routines. Parties used to be later, but not for Mums and they’re babies! Afternoon gatherings are the best
  • Pick a menu that’s yummy, filling, and has healthy options to
  • Have goodies you like
  • Have meal ideas that include food for everyone. Some people have allergies or religious or personal beliefs that don’t allow them to eat everything and that’s ok. Be accommodating and have options
  • If kids are there, do not allow alcohol. I like a good glass of wine here and there, but that’s on my own time, and not around my kids or anyone else’s. People react differently to alcohol, and you don’t want those risks at your party, or around any children especially yours, so avoid it altogether.
  • Bake or don’t bake, either way make the goodies personal
  • Have options like hot cocoa , cider, and eggnog stations with toppings for more clean and yummy fun
  • Use a crockpot if you have one to keep hot cocoa warm
  • Have music
  • Have games to play
  • Have prizes
  • Don’t break the bank getting prizes
  • Be creative and think outside the box
  • Make sure to give every guest attention and make sure they feel special
  • Have someone in the family lead a prayer for your meal
  • End the evening by thanking everyone and signaling that the party is over. Some guests don’t get the hint lol so don’t be rude, but let them know it’s time to go politely
  • Have your guests let you know they made it home safely. I do this for all of my functions and even just friend get togethers
  • The days following the party get guest feedback so you can better your parties for next time or just keep doing what you’re doing if you’re doing it right !

Two party’s this year that inspired me

My bffs Believe Tea party real pics

  • Simple but delicious food- tea sandwiches and desserts
  • Christmas decor
  • Games
  • Random kid dancing

My son’s A Muppet Christmas Carol Christmas Party -Real pics

  1. Snow Sliding muppets on the railing like the movie
  2. All out Christmas and Muppet decor
  3. Food
  4. All home baked cookies
  5. Games
  6. Projector of snow on the inside of the house to give you that blizzard feel
  7. Prizes everyone got at the end, because for Christmas we’re all winners !