Belle’s countdown to Christmas continues Why it’s important to incorporate music !

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was a bit under the weather.. make sure you are all taking care of yourselves. It’s the season to over do it sometimes! Now back to business.

One of my old high school friends used to tell me, he loved spending Christmas with our family because we really knew how to party. He used to say that his family would come over eat at the table, and then basically stare at each other the whole night with no music, until it was time to go home.

He, along with many of my friends that have come and gone throughout the years, have had similar comments about our Christmas’, which for us begins on December 24th! Christmas Eve was a special time for our family, and it still is for me. It was a day that my grandmother made a huge party with family, friends, food, and of course music in the honor of Christmas and of course me! We would dance, play instruments, and sing all night long. Since she has been gone, I still cherish Christmas Eve, and I always always always have music for our holiday gatherings, and basically throughout the season!

Why music is important to people and children :

It brings joy

It creates memories

It reminds us of good times

It allows those who are musically inclined to share their talents

It’s danceable

It’s Singable

It’s just plain ol enjoyable !

In Puerto Rico, people of all ages gather to go house to house, like caroling, with their instruments in hand, Spanish carols to sing, and at each house they go to, they are offered food and drink before they continue on to the next.

Europeans were the first to begin singing carols, and the earliest one was about Mary And Joseph riding to Bethlehem, written in 1410!

In American culture, holiday shows, school performances, and community ceremonies such as tree lightings are held annually, and include, you got it, MUSIC!

Christmas songs, especially, provide feeling; most of them lighthearted while others have just the right amount of feeling we need to help us through all the times that come in between.

A big plus to music over the holidays is that children love to sing and dance and use instruments just a much as we do, so it’s something we can all do together ! Don’t just set your tables this year, set the mood for your loved ones to have memories for years to come. An awesome playlist helps! I know for me must haves are Run Run Rudolph by Chuck Berry, Baby it’s cold outside the elf version, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, and Feliz Navidad, among plenty others! There’s music for everyone this season so get groovy!

Today I wish for you all to dance to the beat of your own personalized Christmas drum.

Much love,

Belle ❤️🎄