Belle’s countdown to Christmas.. Christmas wishes

Good evening everyone,

I’d like to close out today with a post about Christmas wishes. I know I usually post in the AM, my time, but this topic is a feel good bed time read.

Sometimes as adults we forget how it good it feels to wish on a Christmas star or say we believe in Santa, because it seems silly at our ages. Well it’s not. Wishing for something means you have faith, and believing in something means you have hope, and this is the season for hope, love, and miracles!

Our family sure knows the true meaning of miracles and wishing with all our might. This time last year, we didn’t think we’d be home with our son, as he was so sick, but here were are celebrating our second Christmas season with our beautiful boy! Much praise to our Lord for that. This is why wishing is so important, even if it’s just a sign that we believe in something more than ourselves.

Recently we hosted a Christmas celebration at our house, and I asked everyone at the dinner table what they wished for Christmas this year. We all said TO HIT THE LOTTERY, haha, but then as we continued our lists they all changed. Some wishes for sleep, some wished for more good times, some wished for the happiness of others, and everyone’s greatest wish was for peace. Something I think is totally achievable for our world by the way. We just need more people to wish for it.

Now are our wishes silly? We didn’t think so. Just examples on why wishing, especially at Christmas is so magnanimous! As a mother, teaching your child how to dream and wish, are just as magical as making one yourself. Children’s belief in love and hope is admirable and we should learn to be more like them. So tonight before you go to bed, close your eyes, and make a wish, one that’s from your heart. If it’s from your heart, I’m sure someway somehow it’ll come true, and be better than you expected it to be.

My wish for all of you is that each of you live to see some part of if not all of your dreams come true.

Much love,

Belle 🎄 🌟