Belle’s countdown to Christmas.. Christmas TIME 🕰

Hi y’all,

Today I want to blog today about TIME. Time is something I feel is often lost and forgotten during Christmas; I admit, even I have forgotten it here and there. With the hustle and bustle of keeping families together and busy, decorating and feeding loved one with holiday treats, the Christmas season can seem so schedule like, so let’s make moments spent together mean something again.

Someone wise and kind once told me “you’ll never get your time back so enjoy it.” I know for me, as much as I love this season, as a person it’s especially hard to always enjoy my time, and it’s especially hard as a parent, because you are spending time making sure your children don’t notice, there’s not a holly Jolly cup of cheer in your coffee mug every morning. The important thing is to try.. Trying is KEY in making time last, and making time a priority.

Today make it a goal ( I am to) to spend more quality time with those you love, ask for forgiveness, forgive, and begin having faith in humanity again, even after your heart has been broken. Sometimes there’s no faking or avoiding a blue Christmas, and that’s ok, just make sure you don’t push away your loved ones. Begin pushing yourself to do things you know you’ll regret if they’re not done, and MAKE the time. My best friend and I used to always say “there’s 24 hours in a day, you can make the time.” It’s still true.

Whether your time spent together, is time talking, time decorating, cooking, baking, or time doing nothing at all, make sure it’s together, make sure it’s remembered and treasure it. Don’t wait for time, or it’ll just pass you by.

🎄Make today merry, bright, but most of all make it TOGETHER. Here is my wish for us all today:

Much love,

Belle ❤️