Belle’s countdown to Christmas returns with DREAM DREAM DREAM

Hi everyone,

I apologize for being away yesterday. I had many personal matters to attend to. With that being now in the past, my present blog talks about the present and future.

There is an oldies song I love by the Everly Brothers, and some of the chorus goes likes this “whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream, dream, dream, dream..” Today I reflect on what it means to dream.. in different ways. I am one of those individuals that while I’m sleeping or awake, has realistic or futuristic dreams. What about you? I feel that when sleeping, sometimes are dreams are warnings, signs, or nothing at all but an unrealistic display on the minds screen. In reality, I feel that our dreams and aspirations and be idealistic and sometimes may seem far fetched, but does that mean we stop them? Let them hinder us, or allow both to do nothing at all?

So many important known and unknown people have come before us in the past, so I believe it is our duty to set the mood for the present and the standards for the future, as we do not know if we will be apart of it or not. The Christmas season is a time to dream.. so do just that. If you’re sleeping and not happy with what you woke up to, dig deeper and see what this display is trying to tell you. If you’re awake, try to set goals both small and large that you know can be accomplished. It is important we dream, and learn how to interpret and bring to life our dreams when they’re meaningful and put them to rest when there not not.

Let’s do the same for our friends and family and children and their children. Let’s Dream together a dream and prayer for better sleep and a better world where Jolly Ol Saint Nicholas hears us all and let’s us see the wonder, comfort, and joys that is Jesus and Christmas.

I wish for you all a peaceful rest with a mind ready to dream and change your world.

Much love,

Belle ❤️