Belle’s countdown to Christmas grandparents

Hi everyone,

Having been a granddaughter to grandparents that I knew fairly well, and now having a son of my own, I have realized the impact of grandparents, especially during this season.This time of year is so special to me, as I have my grandmother’s vision towards it, something I want my son to follow someday. So here’s my take on grandparents during Christmas.

Good Grandparents take time with their grandchildren, make things special for them, make memories with them that last forever, buy them toys, and again take the time with them. Time is more important than toys. If you’re parents are like mine and my husband’s, it’s important to have guidelines for Christmas presents. Parents often have issues, as grandparents sometimes are the first to buy the child’s gift that a parent wanted to. To avoid this, we have open communication about gifts. Also, if you have parents that are pushy, or don’t allow those talks well just be grateful for the gifts given to the child, and see it as less you have to buy. If you get duplicates, donate the second toy. It’s a win win.

Make time for each set of parents to avoid conflict within your marriage and within the families. Some families get along and mesh well, but grandparents still want their time alone with their grandchildren they don’t want to share with other grandparents. In our family this is true, and in most its true, so remember that.

Be the parent, and the adult.You know what’s best for you, and yes sharing your joy and time with your family is wonderful, but you, your children and your spouse are the most important, so don’t let anyone ruin your plans, your joy, and your traditions. Grandparents are often so excited to be around their children and grandchildren that us parents can forget we’re the parent and the authority with our own children. Don’t aim to please. Talks sometimes help with this, and sometimes they don’t. Just like your parents with their parents. Just remember compromise is nice but when it comes to your children, you and your spouse know best, and when you don’t grandparents can help!

I can say our family tradition is that we make sure the Christmas season is merry and bright no matter what we do, who we are with.. we just want our tradition to be spending time together and making sure our son knows he’s loved. Which he does!

So don’t get caught up this year in what’s perfect, get caught up in spending time together, with people you love and who love you back.

Today I wish for you to know your grandparents, their stories and legacy, and allow your children the same experience. I also wish for you all to use your hearts and brains at the same time, to make sure your children are around safe, happy, and positive situations and people. Have a wonderful weekend see you all on Monday !

Much love ,

Belle ❤️