Countdown to Christmas. Baby it’s cold outside

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is about the cold and how to stay warm! The older I get the more I realize how layering up, especially for time spent outdoors is important. I’m a person that’s always hot, so I might not be as layered as you, but rules still apply. It is also even more important to make sure your kids stay warm so I want to share some of my own tips.

Tips on staying warm for the whole family :

  1. Layer up. Kids and adults wear your undershirts or thermals, tops, bottoms, socks, warm and appropriate shoes. They even make socks that are waterproof for winter weather.
  2. Outside layering. Make sure your kids and you have a hat, scarf, gloves/mittens, and a warm lined coat. Never tie the scarf too tight and wrap it for kids under the collar of their coat.
  3. Warm up your car especially before a baby and or child gets in.
  4. Keep warm blankets in the car and or trunk. Just in case. Feel free to use one of those in the car for the kids ride, as they shouldn’t have their coat hats gloves/ mittens or scarves in the car seat. In our town it’s against the law.
  5. If you’re walking with your child or have them in public transportation try to arrive just in time so they’re not waiting outside. Also keep blankets on them and have them completely layered so they don’t catch a cold . If you can catch a ride or an Uber or taxi especially when it’s too cold, try your best to.
  6. Buy a DeIcer from the store. These help so much and cut time with a car commute. I have several
  7. Take a break from shoveling if you get too cold.
  8. Prepare and make hearty veggie filled soups. My son loves soup and paired with a good sandwich it’s a healthy meal and contains the ingredients he needs for healthy eating. Plus if you make a big pot it can last for three days.
  9. Always( all seasons ) pack in your diaper bag or just with you, water bottles, sandwiches that won’t go bad, snacks, and a first aid kit. Always recheck your bag when leaving the house.
  10. Hot cocoa and tea are great for this time of year ! There are so many recipes for homemade tea that contains no caffeine. I recommend if your children aren’t old enough to drink any of this or still too young and need help ( less than one and a half shouldn’t at all.. over that age only a little bit) spoon it to them so they can drink it but make sure it’s not too hot ! You can also warm up their whole milk and add a little cinnamon this is yummy for toddlers and adults.

Extra tips: if kids don’t need to be outside in extreme weather, don’t take them! Remember you don’t want a wet, cold, or overheated child.. (or adult) it’s not good for them or you to be any of those. Check with your pediatrician (or doctor ) for extra tips. I’m not a doctor just a Mum.

I wish for you all to find warmth when it’s cold outside !

Much love ,

Belle ❤️