Belle’s Countdown to Christmas Why do we Mums love Hallmark and holiday movies ?

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well! Today I want to discuss the importance of a good Christmas movie! In my opinion, it’s preferably by Hallmark lol!

I love a good Christmas movie. It doesn’t need romance, but it’s ok if it’s there. For me, I just want to see delicious cookies, beautiful decor, and traditions for the 1hr-3hrs. Oh and a million laughs is great too! People think I get too into these movies during the Christmas season, and maybe I do, but here’s why:

  1. They offer an escape from hectic lives
  2. They bring simplicity back to TV
  3. They show families importance of tradition
  4. They remind spouses how to love
  5. They remind families how to forgive
  6. They teach families how to enjoy the basics life has to offer
  7. They can be relatable
  8. They can give us hints on how to be better people
  9. They remind us that there can be happy endings
  10. Depending on what you’re watching, most of them can be watched and enjoyed with the entire family!

Now doesn’t that sound amazing ? As a parent and a person, I need a good break every once in a while, so this is my go to during the Christmas season. Especially with a yummy cup of homemade hot cocoa ( extra marshmallows and reddi whip on top. Along with a pinch of Cinaminson) oh and don’t forget a good movie partner !

Movie channels that show awesome movies, holiday specials& more:


Hallmark movies and mysteries


ABC ( specials and cartoons )





Food network


and Netflix

There are so many more but these are my top places to look!

So today I wish for you all to indulge in the festivities and magic of Christmas, along with Great Christmas movie, or a 1000.

Much love,

Belle ❤️