Belle’s countdown to Christmas Do You Hear What I Hear?

Hi y’all,

I hope everyone had a great weekend ! Today’s post is about Hearing. One of my least favorite carols growing up USED to be “Do you hear what I hear.” However, as an adult, NOW I totally have it on my top 10 list .. It’s because, when I was younger, I didn’t understand it. Now hearing it again, I realize that Listening 👂 is such a HUGE part of the holidays and life itself.

Parents listen to your kids ! I cannot stress this enough. How many times do kids talk to their parents and they say “I’m listening” when they’re not? Or a time when you’re an adult having a conversation with a parent whose excuse is one that we’ve all heard “you’re still my baby.” So it blocks them from really hearing you. Really building a relationship with you as a man or woman. So don’t be that parent! Don’t be that person… if you are ..

Children, and all of us need and certainly deserve, those we love the most and those who protect us, to hear us out fully.. So many tragedies and family conflicts would be avoided and end, if people just listened, really listened, and heard one another.

In everyday life, love professions wouldn’t go unnoticed, cries for help wouldn’t be ignored, and people would actually communicate better. This also applies to spouses, friends, colleagues, ect. My advice for the season and everyday is to not talk at each other let’s TALK.. and LISTEN, and HEAR, and sometimes out your feelings aside for someone else. Be situational. Never be too busy to listen and really understand what someone is telling you. It could change your life, or theirs, or even the world’s.

While you’re listening, and opening up your mind and ears, also allow yourself to listen to God. His message is often quiet and only heard when your heart is ready to endure its message . Just like in the song, “Do you hear what I hear,” so many individuals listened to the Lord and spread the good news, helped Jesus to be praised before he was born. Now he is the reason for the season. Can you imagine what Christmas would be like if we were all heard ?

That being said, this Christmas season I challenge us all, myself included, to really hear and not just listen.

Today I wish for us all to have ears that help us, help ourselves, and those around us.

Much love,

Belle ❤️