Countdown to Christmas how to avoid Grinches

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is simple. During the holidays especially when you’re a parent, you encounter A Grinch.. or a thousand… : at the store, helping Santa, driving, and everywhere… Some are related to you, some you’ll never see again in your life, but they can take your day from YAY to NAY..

BEFORE becoming a parent, when I was just a person, I used to let this affect me whole heartily.. I’ll admit sometimes it still does, but now being a Mum it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to.. So parent or person, the point is to not let any Grinch steal your joy!!! Especially the joy of your children !

I thought this would be a great topic to talk about, as I cannot emphasize enough how significant Christmas cheer is ! Avoiding Grinches is just what we want to know for just life in general.. so here are my tips, I hope they can help you during the holidays and all year ’round.

Belle’s Steps toAvoiding Grinches :

  1. If they try to suck you into conversation, simply divert the talk to positive notions, or tell them I don’t want to have negative conversations
  2. When you’re with your kids and they try to infiltrate their stupidities around you, just sing loudly and joyfully. Singing helps
  3. When you’re driving and they’re on the road, pray for them to not hurt others
  4. When they’re rude pray for them to have a change of heart
  5. When they make you feel bad remember you’re the strong one, as weak people want others to be broken and pray for strength to know this truth
  6. Ignore. Ask God for his headphones of peace and go about your day not worrying about them, but taking care of you and your little ones.

Today I challenge you to be Grinch free and free yourself and your little ones and loved ones from the negativity of others.. and remember to not let yourself be a Grinch either .. life is tough so let’s help each other avoid the Grinch Phase ..

I wish for you all to be Grinch free as much as you can be ! See you on Monday have a wonderful weekend.

Much love ,

Belle ❤️