My Countdown to Christmas Continues… The Wise Men

Hi everyone,

Today I’d like to post about one my favorite Christmas stories. The story of the Three Kings or the three wise men. One was named Melchior, one was named Caspar, and the third, Balthazar. This story takes us back to the time of Jesus. Each man with their own plan and path, was made to change their way. This new path, this new plan, would then lead them to The baby in Bethlehem which we all know now is Jesus. At the time these men didn’t know that, yet they trusted God, followed a shining star, along with heeding the angel’s advice, and look where it took them.

In the story they brought the baby Jesus gifts for his birth, but that wasn’t the most important part; it was the fact that God led them to where they were supposed to be, not where they wanted to go. Today I post this, as my family and I know what it is to walk a path you think is the right one, and be confusingly led on another. Often we are made to think that there is only one right and one wrong path to choose from. That is untrue. There are many paths in our lives and some are already predestined.

The story of the wise men, the three Kings, is so significant to us as people, as parents, and to our children. Number one, meaning babies are miracles and change the lives of their parents but also the people around them that they know and don’t know. Those babies become us, we then change the world, and then we become parents or people who advocate for children and fight for their protection. Then the circle repeats itself. Christmas spirit is all about changing your course of life and reflecting on the past and creating memories of the present.

So today, when you pray, pray for all the children of the world who are making a difference in your life, and pray for all the ones you don’t know. Pray that they all change the world for good, and that one day they will change the course of your life for the better. Just as Jesus did for the Wise men and for the world.

Today I wish for you all to allow your paths to be changed by God and goodness

Much love,

Belle ❤️