Countdown to Christmas Stringing popcorn for the tree

Hi everyone,

It’s time to pop those kernels, and introduce popcorn garland! One of my new favorite Christmas activities.

In the early 1700-1800s families would string garland made of popcorn and sometimes cranberries for their Christmas trees. They would also decorate it with fruit and other nature related items, to bring prosperity and luck to their homes. So why not bring a little into yours ? As parents we want all the luck and prosperity we can get !

The first time I encountered this tradition was when I was very young. As a child I liked this activity because I could eat the popcorn, although it made the job take longer. As an adult not much has changed !

There are plenty of buy fake popcorn garland options out there, but what’s the fun in that ? What’s the creativity in that ? The parent and person in me wants you to try this with your family at least for one Christmas and feel the magic of togetherness, and fun.

Parent and person alike, stringing popcorn for your Christmas tree makes a fun night, a new tradition, and you get to eat popcorn !!! Who doesn’t love good conversation, time with loved ones, and eating popcorn? I know I do!

My only suggestion is leaving the little ones to look and help in ways that don’t require them to use a needle. If they are old enough to use one, there are plastic needles that are a safer option. If you’re an adult and you’re not good with a needle and thread no worries you can do this !!! I wasn’t an expert and now I’m a pro at it.. You just have to take your time .

Some families make this tradition one with dinner, music, and games almost like a popcorn party. Others just have a quiet time of reflection and gentle discussions. Some families even use this time to pray together. Whatever is right for you and your family just have fun. No right or wrong way to do this !

Here are some links to help:

If you try it be sure to send me pictures of your family’s popcorn garland ! Here’s mine!

Today I wish for you a day filled with patience to complete all tasks both tedious and inventive.

Much love,

Belle ❤️🎄