Countdown to Christmas Believe my true Christmas Miracle story

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a magical holiday weekend! Now, we wave goodbye to Thanksgiving and start counting down to Christmas!!! ‘Tis the season where we are reminded to believe.. my new favorite word and action!

Over the holiday, my family and I experienced one of many around the world trains, for the Polar Express. If you are unfamiliar with the story and it’s significance, let me sum it up for you. The Polar Express (first a book then movie) is the tale of a young boy who doesn’t believe in Santa. He feels forgotten. Then the Polar Express train comes to take the boy to the North Pole, where he realizes and now BELIEVES that Santa is real.

What this story taught me as a person is that sometimes, when you can’t see or feel something tangible, you forget to believe in it. Yet, when you think you have lost all faith, there it is stronger than before. As a parent it taught me how to believe in my son and help him believe in himself. Every movement is crucial in reminding him that miracles and wishes do come true.. just not all at the same time. He is my personal testimony to that.

I would like to share with you all my son’s story. He was diagnosed at two months old with two hernias, and needed surgery right away. Unfortunately, he was was unable to take the anesthetic procedures and he died for 20 minutes … I mean 20minutes is a long time.. but all wasn’t lost. Thanks to God and the help he sent to the team in that surgery room, my son then gained life.. this was by far the worst thing any parent can go through. The worst thing I’ve gone through in my life. Looking back I still get sick to my stomach about it all, but I then feel at peace knowing how his story progressed.

We spent two months watching him recover. We prayed we prayed and at times we almost lost faith. BUT. Then God sent his grace to help us BELIEVE once again in him; in miracles in the spirit of Christmas. When we did, we were able to bring our beautiful son home again. We were done with doctors and sickness and pain. We just had to be. That was the hardest adjustment at first, but now it is perfectly normal. Or what we think is normal, as I’ve learned there’s no way to parent, only just believing with your soul, that you want the best for your child, and trying to figure out what and how to accomplish that.

Now my boy is a healthy normal as they call it in medical terms, toddler. He is exceptional for all he has been through, and his age, and he is our miracle.

I’m sharing this personal story today with you all, to remind you to believe. The Christmas season is so joyous but sometimes we can feel forgotten, and we find that God isn’t listening to us. This is his season and his special holiday so trust me, he hears you, it just might take a while to be able to see it. Nonetheless don’t stop believing!!! We haven’t.

So today challenge yourself to BELIEVE in what your heart desires and help bring those intangible good intentions and wishes to life by simply believing in them..

Today I wish for you all to simply Believe.

Much love with a thankful heart,

Belle ❤️