Happy Early Thanksgiving! Sing a new tune

Hi everyone ,

My last blog for the week is today. I’m sorry for those who look forward to it everyday, but I wanted to spread some insight that I hope can last you at least until I return to you.

So first off, happy Early Thanksgiving! I was having a discussion with my parents earlier and then I read about Saint Claire. Saint Claire inspired me, was a perfect way for me to gather my thoughts, after our discussion.

As a mom and a person, I am from perfect so when perfection gets in the way, we don’t see. Well now I see something I didn’t before .. value. Saint Claire from a young age was devoted to prayer and followed in the footsteps of saint Francis of Assisi, another one of my favorite saints.. She believed in prayer, education, and the rights of good people. She knew what was sacred. (Of value)

I want to bring up her story today, to enlighten us all, and remind us about what is sacred.. what is of value.. After God, family, is what’s most important to me. No two families are alike, but a loving honest family always tries to do better. Saint Claire for example, suffered from many things, yet she did not complain. I find myself guilty at times for not being as grateful as I should be, and dwelling on what doesn’t matter… I think that with tomorrow being the holiday of thankfulness we can all begin our journey to value what is sacred and not make fun or take for granted those things that we should always be grateful for.

Instead of complaining, I challenge you today to look at the alphabet, start with A and end with Z and name one thing you’re thankful for that begins with each letter of the alphabet. This will be my new Thanksgiving tradition, but I want to keep reminding myself of these things all year round! So like saint Claire, let us pray for our families and friends, and those in need, human or animal. Let us hold in our hearts truth and seek it out even when life becomes trying. Let us also remember that God is perfect not us, so let’s leave the big stuff to him.. and most of all love your family and enjoy your holiday! See you all on Monday for my countdown to Christmas !

I wish for you all to be blessed with courage to be thankful even in hard times, and to leave your problems to God.

Much love,

Belle ❤️