Holiday Cheer 2nd round

Hi everyone,

I apologize for the late post. I also tried to post before and something happened that led to an error, so I’m starting again from scratch. Holiday spirit. Seasonal ( hopefully everyday) cheer. This time of year is about sharing, being thankful, and spreading joy. That is a lifelong goal of mine, as a parent and person to make that true of myself all year round.

As a person, life gets in the way. As a parent, perfection gets in the way… but what if we all decided to get out of our own way? What if we didn’t let others affect us? What if all we focused on was cheer. How to have it, and how to spread it ? This is what the season we are now in is all about. Jesus spread cheer to the hopeless, Santa spread cheer to the dismal, and well we aren’t Jesus or Santa, we can add cheer to others.. and ourselves ..

There just isn’t any excuse that is good enough to not try. Everyone is going through something, and everyone is capable of helping themselves and others find joy in even the most simplest of places ..

So from my family to yours.. smile bright like twinkling lights … from my heart to yours I wish for you to find joy.. and spread it to others.. and stop hindering yourself and those around you from cheer.. it takes so much more work to frown than smile.

This blog is dedicated to my son, my husband, and my bff. Thank you all for bringing to life the true meaning of holiday cheer.. especially my baby boy

Much love,