Belle’s Thanksgiving Chronicles..Sharing stories

Hi everyone,

I hope each of you were able to get some relaxation without thinking yesterday! I myself had exactly ten minutes of it!

Today I’d like to discuss sharing stories . As a daughter and a Mum, one of my favorite things to do has always been to talk about the past with a group of loved ones at the dinner table, or while preparing a meal.. Thanksgiving is a time for friends and families and sometimes strangers to get together and have a good time. So why not share stories with one another that enlighten the room, make others laugh, or simply bring tears of joy ?

Thanksgiving is also a perfect time for parents to get closer to their children, and get to know them on a more fun and meaningful level. Just by taking time to share traditions, stories, and past memories,that alone will last them a life time and impact their lives.

One of my favorite memories was the Thanksgiving spent with my father in law. He was one of the best men I ever knew, and although his time spent with me was short, it was impactful. I was only dating my husband, at that Thanksgiving he spent with my family and I, but it felt like he had always been apart of it. He has just been diagnosed with Dementia a few weeks before, but his memory was still pretty intact. He was enjoying his meal at our family table, and ate everything we made. Now this was a man who at the time only wanted to eat cheesesteaks and pizza for dinner. He never gained an ounce though. Hahah. After his meal was finished he spoke with my grandfather about their military experiences, and then his sister called. I overheard his conversation with her, and he said to her that our family treated him so well, and that he was having a great time. Then it was dessert time. He ate his goodies, and then as my husband and I put on our coats we heard loud noises from the living room. It was my father in law fast asleep on the couch. Snoring loud really loud .. It made me laugh out loud and melted my heart at the same time.. still does, as I would not know that would be the last time I would spend a Thanksgiving with him or my grandfather…

Another Thanksgiving was spent on the inner city with families in need and homeless individuals. For my job, I volunteered time off to help serve a home cooked meal to families and people I worked with day to day and others I didn’t know.. they showed me the true meaning of appreciation and what it really means to be thankful .. These people hardly had anything but the clothes on their back and the hair on their heads, yet they were content with just eating on a benched table and conversing with those around them. For those of you who haven’t worked with homeless or families in need, they aren’t uneducated in life and most times are people like you and me. Not all were gamblers and drunks, some of them got laid off work, or had tragic circumstances arise that led them to the path of having nothing to own but their kind hearts.. if you had no job, no money, no home, what could you be thankful for? If you can answer that, good for you, if you cannot, maybe it’s time to dig deeper..

A third story was one always told at Thanksgivings. Both sides of my immediate family were at my grandfathers house ( on my dads side ) for the holiday. Well long story short the bag inside the turkey that is not supposed to cook inside it, was cooked inside it . Hahahah you can only imagine how funny and scary that was at the same time !

The last story was one I read which brought tears to my eyes.. a woman who gives free meals on Thanksgiving at her restaurants.. check it out!

Whether your shared stories are like mine or not, it’s just good to remember how we got here and look back when we need a pick me up especially during the holidays…

Today I wish for you all to remember times that made you a better person and be that person today..tomorrow.. and every chance you get.

Much love,

Belle ❤️