Belle’s Thanksgiving Chronicles side kicks and side dishes

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! In today’s post we will discuss being a sidekick and some of my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes. My goal is to make my Thanksgiving Chronicles about improving the quality of life, which is why today I want you all to see how you can improve life for someone other than yourself. Before becoming a mummy, I was a person all of my own. I could do what I wanted without thought, say what I wanted, and I could get as much sleep on my days off as I wanted to, with no one judging. I was the hero in my own story.. Fast-forward to parenthood and well I’ve now become the sidekick to my story. I do what’s best for my son, I think before I speak most times, and I don’t over sleep ever.

Yet there are perks of being a side kick. You are no longer alone, you can become more creative, and you are loved unconditionally. In life sometimes it’s so hard to see ourselves as just the sidekick as the world makes us believe we must always be on top; we have to be first, we have to be the best.. but is that really all life’s about? Helping someone achieve their dreams or just supporting someone in their personal accolades can be just as fulfilling as winning for yourself. The best side kicks can be seen as modern day supporters.. I like that term even more. Supporter. How about we become supporters so you can see that being a sidekick doesn’t mean your life ends, it means you’re helping someone else’s life and then the roles will at other times reverse, and you’ll be the one needing support.

A mother becomes a sidekick to her child, but she was the Hero to her mother before her. As your children become older they at times can be your sidekick aka supporter, because that’s the circle of life. Best friends are sidekicks at times; one achieving, one helping achieve and then the role switches. In a marriage you’re not always the hero you at times can each be a sidekick. Each moment and relationship whether long term or not, whether emotionally related or just as simple as an employee to a boss, everyone’s someone’s supporter at a time, and everyone needs support. Then to bigger things like God; we are his supporters, because without our support he wouldn’t be believed or praised or followed.. like a child Santa situation. Even for Thanksgiving our main course needs a sidekick to make the table and our tummies complete. So is being a supporter the worst thing in the world? No. As long as it’s for the right reasons and for the greater good. Isn’t that the meaning of Thanksgiving ? To give thanks .. well thank your supporters and your true people will always thank you for your support.

Tis the season of cooking, and eating. So just like a sidekick, our Thanksgiving meals would not be the same without a side dish …or turkey sidekick. Side dishes provide variety, warmth, and yum to a turkey who could’ve been all by itself on your table or plate. Thankfully it’s not. No matter your meal meager or extravagant, always pray over it, and pray for those who deserve food and pray for you to be appreciative of yours. The real bad foods in this world are ones not made with love, ones not cooked fully, and ones not prayed over..So cook pray eat. Then eat pray love. Then live laugh love. I think you all get the picture now…🥰

So click read the links below, and maybe even try some of my favorite, easy, and yummy side dishes for your upcoming Thanksgiving meals, and remember being on the sidelines isn’t always a bad thing….

My side dish faves : ( I’ve made and eaten all these so they’re Belle approved)

Campbell soup green bean casserole

* with this recipe I like to add a lot of French onion crisps to the top, and to the mixture Adobo, garlic powder, and onion powder seasonings

Meat lovers Stuffing or dressing

*for this recipe I like to use ground beef instead of pork sausage. You can use whatever meat you like or no meat at all. For taste I add chopped celery, Adobo, garlic powder, onion powder and a little black pepper

Corn pudding

Pumpkin pie bars

*when baking this I always add vanilla extract and cinnamon sugar

Steamed carrots

Soooo easy lol

Get as many Baby carrots as you think you’ll need, wash them, and add a little water to a pot and drop the carrots in. Don’t add too much water as carrots themselves contain water. Cook them on the stove on high for about 7-8 minutes. Then add toppings to taste, I add cilantro, parsley, my good friend adobo and some garlic Powder. Then I turn off the heat and let those carrots steam themselves in the pot until they’re soft. Then they’re ready to serve and eat.

Today I wish for you all to accept that to get to the top sometimes you have to wait patiently on the sidelines. While you’re waiting, make those moments memorable.

Much love,

Belle ❤️