Belle’s Thanksgiving Chronicles Scents of the season..warm your heart and nose

Hi everyone,

Pictured above are my absolute favorite scents this year. Peppermint Brownie, marshmallow fireside, and of course a homemade breakfast 🍳. The first candle was gifted to me from my BFF it smells like a candy cane brownie .. two of my favorite indulgences peppermint and chocolate .. YUM. My second favorite candle and meal of breakfast, well that just makes morning smell just as good as a hard earned day off of work! ( PS this breakfast was homemade eggs, fall pancakes and bratwurst) Today’s read is about smells of fall, and also smells of life .. there are so many scents, fragrance, and smells in this world, that it would be impossible to smell them all. I have always felt since I was a child, that just like an old friend, scents, especially of the seasons, can remind us of joy, and bring laughter and memories of the past, that are needed to be remembered.

For me, I love the smell of sweet pumpkin and cinnamon from September to October. Then from November to January I love anything peppermint, pine, vanilla(I use this all year round) chocolate, meal scents, and gingerbread cookie like aromas. I also am an essential oil and spice girl, so I adore a nice clove, mint, and all spice mix.

Scents can take us to a wonderful place. The peppermint candle my bff gave me for example, reminds me of when she threw me a Christmas themed birthday party right after I lost my daughter. It was the first time I danced, laughed, and felt alive since she was gone, and that memory brings tears to my eyes, but it warms my spirit. The marshmallow fireside reminds me of my childhood camping adventures with my parents and cousins.. toasting marshmallows was always apart of that. When I smell turkey, and sometimes just the right home cooked meal, I’m reminded of my grandparents and their love for food and family, especially this time of year. I keep them close to my heart, especially when I cook. So whether you’re smelling candles, or just at a relatives home spending time, pick up on the smells around you, close your eyes, and when you open your eyes that scent and memory is now yours and yours alone.. One of the best parts of this season is remembering old times but making new memories .

So today I wish for you all to indulge in scents that warm your heart and soothe your nose ! Breathe in life and exhale out hatred and negativity,

I have also provided this cute quiz for you to see what your scent says about YOU! There is no right or wrong smell, it’s all about how you feel and what makes you feel at peace and happy!

Much love,

Belle ❤️