Belle’s Thanksgiving Chronicles .. Empathy.,

Hi everyone,

Today in my Thanksgiving Chronicles I’d like to discuss empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand someone’s feelings. I have been told I’ve been empathetic since I was a small child, but for me it is a gift and curse. As it is wonderful to understand someone’s feelings, it’s difficult when others don’t understand yours. The older you get the easier it becomes for those around you to forget you have feelings, sensitivities, and a care at all when it comes to specific things. People just assume adults, especially mothers, have a superpower of invincibility. I wish all mums, and I did… but we and I don’t.

Mums and adults still get sick, can get hurt, and we cry… although these moments are hidden from the world, loved ones who are present during these moments should make it easier for one to cope.. and show empathy. Even someone who’s empathetic as I am can forget that and show pity or sadness towards someone, instead of just being their ears for listening and shoulder to cry on. No one, is, and I am not perfect. Empathy is something we can all give. With empathy comes many good things like, selflessness, kindness, respect, and aren’t all those what this season of giving thanks is all about ?

The only person that knows how you feel is you.. and of course God.. so when you’re around someone who’s different, labeled, unable to participate, don’t feel sorry for them, pray for them, empathize with them, assist them without reminding them they’re different or hurting, and absolutely no advice should be given unless the person is in danger. No adult likes free advice unless it’s sought out.. All anyone wants in this world is to fit in… and shine not stand out and fail…

So today think of yours words when talking to someone who’s been through IT, whatever IT may be, and think of how you can help them now how you’d want them to help you. Tis the season of helping .. not hindering .

Much love,

Belle ❤️🎄