Belle’s Thanksgiving Chronicles My reasons to be thankful..

Hi y’all,

As a parent my view on those I love has changed extremely. Before my son, I loved who I cared for whether family or friend, but after my son I cared for them deeply, as a mother.

Today I’d like for all of us just to think of those we love, and why we’re thankful for them. As thanksgiving approaches, we know without these people in our lives, we wouldn’t be able to go through it as easy as we thought. So right now I’m going to anonymously ( to keep privacy private ) clue in to those in my life that mean the most, with my care for them when I was young to now as a mother..

To God: thank you for all you do, all you forgive me for, and the blessings to come for me and those in the world worthy of your love.

My daughter : before you I loved you. When I carried you I loved you for who you helped me become whole. As your absence still and will forever break my heart I love you, as I know you are looking out for me, watching over your brother, and always sending me love.

My son: before I met you, I loved you for who I prayed for you to be. Now in present time I adore and love you because you challenge me. No one could ever succeed at that because I was too good at debate, to stubborn to let new ideas sink in, and just not open enough to love life the way you have shown me to. I admire you as a person, a spirit, and am so thankful that you are MY son.

My husband: I loved you before our son, for the good man you are, and the patience you have shown me. I love you now for the resistant person you are with the willingness to be apart of our family and the strength you carry on your back when I cannot. You are still a good man.

My mother: as a child I looked up to your strength as a woman to fight for the rights of others and women and children’s rights. I love you now for your ability to forgive. Your creativity is one of a kind.

My father : as a young lady it was the faith I had in you that helped me build walls against those with bad intentions . I love you for your young at heart spirit and your abilities to compromise.

My best friend : before you, I wished for you. I wished for someone to be there for me unconditionally without interest in hurting me ever … now I thank you for not only making those wishes come true but for your sisterhood, your love for my family, your conversation, and your time, when you have none for yourself. I wish for the world to have more of you.

To all of my close friends and family i have not mentioned, I thank you all for helping me become who I am, and allowing me to think, speak, and act freely without concern or ridicule.

To all of my fellow readers thank you for reading, and I wish you all a day where you are appreciated, loved, and can feel the warmth of the fall sun in your hearts. Hugs 🤗

Much love and many thanks,