Belle’s Thanksgiving chronicles .. What is Home?

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a sensational weekend. Today I would like to discuss the word and place called “HOME.” What is home? Well according to Google’s dictionary “HOME,” is defined as the following :

  1. the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.
There are so many exquisite places in the world, so why are we living where we are ? Before my son was born, when people would ask me where my home was, I’d simply state the town and or state I lived in. Now I simply say, “wherever my son is.” So what makes a living space a home? To me a home must have God, love, life, and wonder. Without these elements, a home becomes chaos and a place where peace can’t survive.. during the holiday season so many of us are worried about the production of the festivities that we loose sight of what’s important and what should matter all year round…
How to make your house a home:
  • Create an environment that is driven on love and light, not on negativity and doubt.
  • Allow your home to be a place of peace and if you live with family or friends or even roommates that add chaos to your home, find a safe space where when it gets too hard, you can find rejuvenation and comfort, and can force yourself to have the peace you deserve.
  • Pray for your home to be peaceful and those in it to value that peace

Is it nice to decorate and is it important to clean your house? I think so, but that’s not the most important part. Isn’t it important to make sure our home is safe and filed with love ? Can adding new curtains wait? YES.. Can one soak a dish and wash it later ?ABSOLUTELY! The reason being is that family comes first, our children come first, and perfection is a lie because no one is perfect… with that said use this Thanksgiving chronicle of HOME to remind you of what’s REALLY important and how to make your place of rest a home.. if you are well off , help the needy, and if you are in need , God will provide.

Today I wish for you all, to find your home no matter where it may be, as long as it’s yours.
Much love,
Belle ❤️