All Souls’ Day..

Hello everyone,

And welcome to my countdown to Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is just about three and a half weeks away! It’s so confusing the holidays are here already but I’m so glad they are !!! There is no better way to celebrate the season of Christmas and thanksgiving by remembering to give THANKS and to remember CHRIST is the reason for Christmas. I’m still one of those people who wishes others a Merry Christmas but a Happy holiday. However you say it and celebrate it just remember we are trying to end our year with good intentions for all.

Today is All Souls’ Day.. it’s a religious thing yes, but all people can celebrate it. We all are born with a soul. The older we become the more our spirit changes, and the goal is for it always to change for the good. All Souls’ Day for those unfamiliar is a day where we celebrate the spirits of those we loved and knew once in our lives and pray for them to be continuously happy in heaven. It’s also a day to reflect on who you are and where you want to be.. ‘Tis the season to look inside yourself and change. Even the smallest of reflections and change can make a difference..

So today is simple Reflect. Pray. Repeat. When you are through with all of that, take a moment of silence for: all the departed, all of the children who are no longer here, for the people you once knew and loved, for loved ones of those you knew and didn’t know, for all those dying fighting the good fight, and for all those who have passed before their times… also pray for your family and your friends that you may all be strong to continue fighting all ridicule, and hardships that being a person entails..

Below are some reads about All Souls’ Day and my favorite is the last one on how to be more soulful! Feel free to take a look…

I wish for you all a weekend filled with inner peace and outer reflection. May your loved ones be watching you from Heaven. See you all on Monday.

Much love,

Belle ❤️