Can we live in a world where people say “thank you” and are grateful? YES! Yes we can!

Hello everyone,

Welcome November and happy all saints day..November is one of my favorite months. A lot of birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays begin in November, especially MINE! In our family birthdays are important, as they celebrate you and the day you were miraculously brought to this earth..

November is also the start of my favorite season; Christmas. Once Halloween( my favorite holiday) is over, my family, and I begin celebrating Christmas. Why? Because as I mentioned earlier, Christmas is more than a day, it’s an entire SEASON, kicking off with all souls and saints day.

Today, I’d like to focus on saying thank you and being grateful. At my last dentist visit, there was an elderly woman approaching the exit door to go outside. She had a cane in each hand and was walking slowly towards the door. At the time, I was the only one in the waiting room, but even if I wasn’t I would have chosen to do what I am about to tell you I did. I walked up in front of her and held open the exit door until she was safely outside. As I held the door open for her, she gave me the greater gift. She looked over at me, smiled, and said exactly this, ” it’s times like these when people see me and want to open up a door for me, that I’m reminded there are still good people in this world. Thank you.” She walked out and I humbly smiled and told her to enjoy the rest of her day.

I will never forget that woman or her extremely kind compliment, as it was a reminder that random acts of kindness, saying thank you, and being grateful, are often demonstrated more during the Christmas season, but they should be chosen to be shown every day.. Charles Dickens published his novel, A Christmas Carol, on December 19, 1843, to remind England that love and heart were still in the souls of men, even if it seemed impossible during those times when poverty was at a peak and the rich weren’t so humanitarian like. Something as small as politeness in saying “thank you,” can make a difference. It’s just as important as an ” I love you,” “Goodbye,” or “I’m sorry.”

You never know when you’re speaking to a loved one or a stranger, what the last thing they’ll here is, so make sure everything you do and say is in accordance with how you REALLY feel. I remember almost two and a half years ago I had a work friend pass away. He was an honorable man, a family man, a police officer, and an all around good person. He injected laughs and happiness in everyone he met. The last thing I said to him was “Have a good weekend see you on Monday..” Well Monday came and he passed on the Saturday before… if I would’ve known he would’ve been gone, I would’ve said so much more, but at least I can say my last words to him were not anything I’d regret. Times like these happen so often, so remember to be kind. Everyone’s suffering, everyone’s hurting, as even the brightest of smiles carry the weight of pain.

Not just today, not just during Christmas, but all year round, say what you mean and mean what you say, but try to practice what thumper in Disney’s Bambi said, ” If you got nothin’ good to say, don’t say nothin’ at all..” what you say and do affects people, and no two people are like so try to remember that.

Today don’t regret what you say or do. Instead find the courage to continue to be grateful for life even in its weakest points, and ALWAYS say ” Thank you.”

Much love,

Belle ❤️