Happy Halloween 2018 Folklore and more

Good morning everyone,


Above are my real Halloween pop tarts, and homemade cupcakes created by my family and I last night ! My son, my husband and I, along with my parents were busy having a Howlin’ good time.. I’ve also realized I’ve never exposed my family costumes for this year… Well my son, had a lot of options lol. He was Harry Potter for about a minute, a military man, a werewolf ( one of my favorite monsters) and for Halloween he will be Robin Hood, while my husband will be King John, and I will be maid Marian.

We are so thankful to share all of this with you all, as last year was the worst Halloween we ever had. My son was in the hospital for months so this year, we had many chances to show our costumes and indulge in thefestivities, a little more than most, as we are celebrating our little miracle with the world..

Now on to the festivities …

I thought today in light of the holiday I’d share some folklore with you all, so you can get into the Halloween spirit!

Numero uno is :

Vampires ! My favorite … The word vampire has existed since 1734, but it wasn’t until Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, in 1897, that people became interested in the concept of vampires. Most Vamps are said to hate garlic, have a thirst for blood, and can not tolerate the sun… however the man behind the real story is Vlad Dracul, of Transylvania. I don’t know if he hated garlic, drank blood, or hung out in the dark, but he was a REAL man.. He was leader and part of the order of the dragon, but his thirst for war and blood shed, made people believe he was straight from Hell.. no one knows for sure how Vlad became the representative for the undead and created character, Dracula, but for some reason it just is fitting..

Numero Dos:

Werewolves ! Believe it or not these monsters are the most feared of all the monsters world wide ! I was actually shocked to have researched that myself… I hoped it would’ve been vampires … but here’s why. Werewolves have the speed of a wolf, but the cunning intelligence of a super human, while expressing evil that was given to them after they become cursed.. werewolves unlike vamps can hang in the daylight and won’t try to eat anyone or anything taboo until the full moon changes them from person to creature…so it’s safe to date one unless there’s a full moon, I’d reschedule that date.. ancient societies including the ancient Greeks, Romans, Russians, and Egyptians all wrote about werewolves and how they were real….

Numero tres

The MUMMY… not me the ancient one hahah

Well in ancient Egypt, it was believed when you passed on to the next life, you were to be buried with all your belongings, and mummified …mummification preserved the body so it would be fit am individual to enter the underworld .. just this year it was said that Australian scientists found remains of a mummy that was just about 2,500 years old! So the process of mummification really did it’s job.. the idea of mummies leaving their tombs and haunting people I can’t say if it’s even partially true, but we do know it’s not good to disturb the dead and their resting places, especially on Halloween..

Now I could go on and on about ghosts and ghouls and stories of the past, but my job isn’t to frighten it’s just to enlighten, and today we’re just having fun and celebrating candy and costumes not real evil! So before we part I’d like to leave you with some reminders to give your children a safe Halloween..


  • If your children’s costumes aren’t visible or bright enough, have them carry something that is.. like a reflector or a flashlight they stays on
  • Make sure all costumes are fitting and the child won’t have any accidents or trip over the costume
  • Make sure all wigs are flame resistant
  • Make sure all masks do not block vision, hinder breathing, and are not too tight.
  • Provide adult supervision. Children shouldn’t be left alone no matter how old they are.
  • Remind your children and chaperones to stay on the sidewalk. There are people who don’t care for Halloween, trick or treaters, or candy, so it’s just a another day another drive to them…Walking on the sidewalk can prevent car and person tragedies
  • Avoid houses that are abandoned, lights are off, or that give bad feelings or vibes
  • Before children go to bed, made sure they remove all makeup and face paints to avoid toxins seeping into their body
  • Check and recheck and check again all the candy your child or children get from trick or treating .. any opened unwrapped item, should be trashed , and use your gut and instinct about other signs or suspicious candy. Click these links on how to properly check Halloween treats https://www.csuci.edu/publicsafety/police/Halloween_candy.htm



  • If you do not plan to be home for Halloween lower your phone machine volume close the blinds, and leave on a light or two inside so that it’s not obvious you’re away. Vandals and robbers take this time to try to destroy properties if they know people aren’t home
  • Don’t put on social media you are vacationing really at anytime to avoid instances of rubbery and break-ins
  • If you are home remember little ones trick or treat early, so practice safe driving, do not give out candy past 8pm, and do not let strangers in your house.
  • Have fun. Halloween is both literally scary because of the festivities or just because of real life, but if all rules are followed, everyone can have a safe and happy time

I finally leave you all with a Halloween read, and wish you all a day filled with much candy, fun times, and safe circumstances..Happy and Safe Halloween. See you all in November !

The Raven( click the link) 🐦