The Jester and the Hero

Hi everyone,

Today is the second to last day of October, and I cannot believe Halloween is TOMORROW can you? It just creeped up on me hahah

To clown around even more, I’d like to introduce you to the Jester, and the Hero. As different as they may seem, these roles actually are quiet similar. I have learned throughout my adult life, that laughter is the best medicine, and it can save lives. So you can be a Jester and a Hero at the same time see?

Most people consider a Hero to be a person who gets recognized by the media, but anyone ordinary as they come can be a one. All it takes is good deeds and good intentions. Can you think of someone you helped recently ? Whether it was a phone call, holding the door for someone, or just donating a dollar to a local cause, you were being heroic, as every small act of kindness helps the world become a better place. You cared enough about human nature to help, and that makes you a Hero. Now when was the last time you made someone laugh? Like really laugh? Well, you were being a Jester in modern times. Everyone needs a Hero and everyone needs a good laugh!

As a Mum we must do all we can to save our children from ridicule, disappointment, bullying , and bad intentioned people up until our last breath. When we can’t it doesn’t mean we’re failures it simply means we just have to find laughter in situations where we can’t automatically make it all instantly better. As I said earlier laughter is the best medicine, and the road to recovery.

As people we must do all we can to save humanity from ill intentioned and ill mannered individuals, and this can start as small as a smile to a stranger who smiled at you first. Or as big as joining a team who helps build homes for the homeless. It’s also so important to find laughter when we are frustrated, tired, and confined in our personal lives to remind us of things we hold dear to our hearts, and bring us joy …. so laugh , save your life now so you can save another…

Today I wish for you all to have a good laugh, and figure out ways for you to make a difference in our world today. Change begins with us …

Much love,

Belle ❤️